Wally Wonder Wing V2 Construction


Before any taping, spray a very thin mist coat (you can't see it) of 3M super 77 all over outside of the fuse and both sides and tips of the wings and let set at least 15 minutes.

You'll want to strengthen the foam in a number of places with reinforced strapping tape.

Important locations are;
The wing LE, wing root top where rubber bands lay, fuse where rubber bands lay, and inside the battery bay covering the floor and front nose wall.

Extra around the thinner rear fuse area doesn't hurt either.

Here's the fuse reinforced, covered  and ready to go.
Also, be sure to add a thin strip of insulation foam on the rails where the wing sits.


I won't go into wing covering because that info is available elsewhere.
I will say that if you tape it with packing tape, you should start at the TE and work forward overlapping each previous layer a little so that no tape edge will catch the wind.
Be careful about introducing warps from overtight tape on one side or the other.
Be sure to overlap the lengthwise tape stripes at the root center on top and bottom for added strength.
Cover the "canopy" area with trim if desired for contrast.

I hated taping at first but here's a trick I found.
Cut your piece a little longer than the area it's to be applied to.
Grab the ends in the center and pull slightly till the tape bows up.
Drop into position allowing only the center line to touch.
Work out from the center removing any wrinkles as they appear.
Around corners you can slice the wrinkles one at a time and overlap them.

Each stripe is just the 2 inch width of the tape except for the blue LE which was trimmed and overlapped around the LE.

Copyright 2001 - 2007  Ken Hill