"How to make a high performance flying wing for $20!"
(batteries & electronics not included :)

Here's the $4 "Sky Rider", a 4.5' span, 727 looking foam toy glider we start with.

The "Wally Wing's" minimum flight design goals;

I'm happy to report that these goals have been successfully met.

(animated gif below - wait for complete load to view)

Click for entire 7.26 meg. movie of stunts routine
(recommend right clik and save to drive)
I won't compare the Wally to the "competition" but I can say that this wing is the most flying fun I've ever had!  And to know that you can spin it in from a hundred feet without damage really helps in confidence building. (Read, risk taking!)

Here's a variation on fin placement.  Flies hotter and the roll rate is increased.  I think the tip plates act like wing extensions maybe, increasing lift but adding more drag and inertia.
Here's the current specs for the second generation V2;
V1 was constructed by adding spruce spars, gluing the wing halves together, building a simple stick frame for the motor, carving an open cell foam pod that holds the battery pack and covers the frame, and taping. (V2 construction is MUCH easier and stronger!)

V1's pod used peg-in-hole attachments with rubber bands and velcro to hold it all onto the wing, a crash releases the frame and battery preventing any damage.

V2's pod is directly rubber banded onto the wing for easy CG adjustment with different battery packs, and allows any direction impact release.

Free Complete V2 Construction Manual is here!
Learn how to build your own Wally Wing.


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